Game You Should Be Playing: The Room Tribute

In the year of our Lord 2003, a brilliant, Orson-Welles-esque, raven-haired freak of a man created the cinematic masterpiece of our generation: The Room.
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A Lesson in Music History

The work of the great composers will live on forever.  Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Gershwin, and Beethoven are some of the most renowned names in music history, but some of our greatest composers are too often overlooked.  In this case, the musical genius that we will be discussing is none other than Walt Disney Animation Studios.
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Games You Should Have Played: Super Dodge Ball

The Nintendo Entertainment System is known for its classic, pantheon level games like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Castlevania.  Beloved by all, these games need no advocates.

Some games, on the other hand, need – and deserve – more help. Super Dodge Ball is one of those games.
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Worlds of Power #2: Metal Gear

You’ve played Metal Gear.  At least one of them, and probably several.  This was the original (sort of), and it was incredibly hard the first time I played it at age six.  Unlike Blaster Master, Metal Gear has a compelling story of espionage, stealth, and dog-punching.  Of course this could translate well to a novelization.

It didn’t.
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Worlds of Power #1: Blaster Master

I feel like video games were a more prevalent pop culture phenomenon in the late 1980s and the early 1990s than they are today.  While more people are playing video games today than did when I was a kid, it truly doesn’t seem as pervasive  as it once was.  Ask anyone who was a kid when the NES was the top dog on the market, and they’ll remember more than just the games.  They’ll remember television shows, cereals, movies, bedsheets, lunchboxes, and in an ill-advised attempt by the nation’s educators and/or parents, books.  That’s right, kid’s books based on Nintendo games.
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