Meet the Squad!

Welcome to the Super Adventure Squad! My racial/gender/etc. friendly group of friends and I would like to make sure that you know about healthy choices and stupid pop culture nonsense!

Meet the Squad:

Ace McAwesome, unofficial leader of the Super Adventure Squad.  Ace is the captain of the basketball team, gets straight A’s, and helps old ladies cross the street.  He is the ideal, All-American boy.

Snakes Badstein, unofficial “bad boy” of the Super Adventure Squad.  Snakes is the captain of the stealing team, gets straight F’s, and pushes old ladies into traffic.  He and Ace are best friends.

Tiffany Brittany, head cheerleader and Ace’s girlfriend.  Being a ditsy cheerleader, Tiffany has trouble getting the gang to listen to her ideas.  She has early acceptance to Brown.

Winston Noogington III, sciency math-geek and resident genius.  Winston is the president of the science club, the math club, and the robotics club.  He enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and plays the clarinet in the school band.  He is ashamed of his raging genital herpes.

Danny “Crazy Legs” Cho, resident complete fucking trainwreck.  Danny is a fat Asian cripple who lost his right hand to diabetes and is legally blind.  He has a major speech impediment, and some degree of brain damage.  Danny is class president.

L3N1N was built by Winston out of parts he purchased from  He’s always saying hilarious things like “When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope that we use!”  He is studying to become a CPA.